Terms and Conditions of Business for the Introduction of Permanent Staff

JJC Recruitment operates as an Employment Business (when supplying employees to you for a fixed period for a daily fee) and an Employment Agency (when introducing candidates to become your employees for a recruitment fee) as defined under the Employment Agencies Act 1973.  As an Employment Business we engage teachers under a contract for services.

JJC Recruitment has a number of obligations under the Employment Agencies Act and also under the Recruitment and Employment Confederation Audited Education.  In addition we have our own internal standards that go further than those required by law.

JJC Recruitment is paid on results. We only invoice you when we have successfully filled your vacancy and one of our candidates has taken up a post with you.  Our fees are:


Fees: Permanent Placements – Recruitment Fee

Where a JJC Recruitment candidate is introduced to a school and offered a permanent contract directly with the school, LA or Academy Trust, a single recruitment fee equal to 20% of their total starting salary (including any allowances and additional points) is payable.  In any Nursery setting, it will be 10% of the Candidates annual salary.


Rebates on Permanent Recruitment

Should a candidate you appoint under our Permanent Placement Scheme resign within four weeks, the following will apply:

  • Resignation within 2 weeks – 75% refund
  • Resignation within 4 weeks – 50% refund

Please note that no refund will be given if your account was not settled in full within 14 days.


Fees: Engagement Through Third Parties

As you will appreciate, JJC Recruitment invests large sums of time and money recruiting candidates within the education sector.  We therefore charge our clients a transfer fee in cases where we have introduced you to one of our candidates and you choose to engage them, either directly, or indirectly through another agency or third party.  Where this happens the client will be liable to pay JJC Recruitment a Recruitment Fee as stipulated above.  Such fees will apply where a JJC Recruitment candidate has been introduced by us to the client for a permanent position within the previous six months.